How Long Does Artificial Grass Last: Might be Surprising

Author: Stuart Hunt - Published: 18.04.22
How Long Does Artificial Grass Last Might Be Surprising

You might be wondering, how long artificial grass lasts. After all, it is not the real thing. Surely, it must have a shorter lifespan than natural grass, right? Well, you might be surprised to learn that artificial grass can actually last a long time and in some cases, even longer than natural grass!

Artificial grass can last 10-20 years according to most manufacturers as long as the grass is maintained regularly, this can be dramatically decreased due to poor installation, high foot traffic areas or low-quality artificial grass.

Most artificial grass manufacturers give warranties of between 10-20 years with companies such as offering a 10 years manufacturers guarantee, however, artificial grass can last longer but there are many different factors that can change the lifespan of your artificial grass, which I will cover below and ways to get the most from your grass.

What Can Reduce The Lifespan of Artificial Grass

For the most part, artificial grass is long-lasting, durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, however, certain things can shorten its lifespan such as not all artificial grass is the same therefore, there are many different factors that can reduce the life span of your artificial grass which include the quality of the grass, installation and maintenance just to number a few.

Artificial Grass Quality

The quality of artificial grass is just one of the most important factors in determining how long it will last. There are a lot of different types and brands of artificial grass on the market, and not all of them are created equal.

There are three many types of plastic used for artificial grass such as polyethene, polypropylene and nylon, each having pros and cons.

For a soft low, foot traffic area, you would want to choose and mix of polyethene and polypropylene however, for general use, such as a back garden, you might choose a grass that is made from a combination of polyethene and nylon.

The other part you would what to look out for is the backing; this is where each blade of grass is snitched for the best quality it would be double-backed, which means there are two backing layers a primary and a secondary, of which the second layer is typically made from a highly durable latex which has been glued to the first base layer.

Tip: If you can remove the primary layer with your hands, then the quality is low.

Artificial Grass Base Backing

Poor Installation of Artificial Grass

No matter how good the quality of the grass you have purchased is, if the installation has not been done the right way, it can dramatically reduce the life span of your artificial grass.

For the most part, the installation of all artificial grass is much the same however, installation of it on different subsurfaces can differ, therefore, the preparation of the subsurface is a key factor in the installation as this can be a make or break for the life span of your artificial grass.

If you are installing the artificial grass onto soil or sand, you would need to make sure that you remove all the old plants and weeds and install an artificial grass membrane which can help to stop weeds from growing but also allow for natural drainage; this is to stop weeds, and other plants can also grow through the grass and into the base, which can cause the turf to lift, making it more susceptible to damage and less able to withstand foot traffic.

Best Artificial Grass For Pets Or High Foot Traffic Areas

If you are looking for artificial grass that is going to be durable and last a long time in an area that has high foot traffic or if you have pets, then you need to make sure that you choose a turf that is made from a stronger material such as nylon.

Nylon is stronger than polyethene and polypropylene and can therefore withstand more wear and tear, making it ideal for high foot traffic areas or areas where pets are going to be playing.

It is also a good idea to choose a grass that has a low pile height so that it is easier to remove dog poo and clean in general, as artificial grass with a higher pile height can be more difficult to clean; also, if you choose a high pile height for a back garden where you have kids playing with slides of even paddling pools it will flatten each blade of grass which will take away the natural look.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

The final factor that will determine how long your artificial grass lasts is maintenance. Just like any other type of flooring, if you don’t take care of it, then it will not last as long.

Regular cleaning is essential to remove any dirt, leaves or other debris that can build up on the surface of the grass, as this can cause the blades to become matted and less able to withstand foot traffic.

You should also brush the grass on a regular basis to keep the blades upright and looking fresh, and finally, you should also regularly check the edges of the grass to make sure that they are not starting to lift.

If you follow these simple steps when looking to purchase artificial grass, then you can be sure that your artificial grass will last for many years.

Can You Put Paddling Pools on Artificial Grass?

Paddling pools and hot tubs can flatten artificial grass over time due to the weight of the water however, it will not damage the grass; with that being said, once the pool has been emptied, you should brush the grass to help the grass blades lift back to its normal condition.

Can You Put Garden Furniture On Artificial Grass?

Furniture is safe to put on top of artificial grass as long as they are on Sharpe, as this can damage the grass and cause it to tear, also it is recommended that table umbrellas are placed on a cement slab or into base support.

Can You Use A Rotary Washing Line With Artificial Grass?

If you have a rotary washing line, it is not recommended to push the pole into artificial grass as this could damage the grass and the backing; however, if the spike has been installed before the artificial grass, you would need to cut the grass to allow for the installation of the washing line.

Can Uv Light Damage Artificial Grass?

Sunlight doesn't damage the artificial grass in the short term however, over long periods, it could fade if the grass is installed close to windows and other reflective materials this could also have a small impact on the grass fading over time.

5 Tips To Prolong The Life Span Of Artificial Grass

Even though artificial grass is durable and long-lasting, there are still some things you can do to prolong its lifespan even further. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your artificial grass lasts for many years to come and stop the grass from getting damaged.

How To Maintain Your Artificial Grass

Maintaining your grass is perry straightforward and doesn't take too long, depending on the size of your garden and how many people or pets you have will depend on how often you will need to do certain tasks.

To keep your grass in pristine condition and make it last as long as possible, it is important to:

-Regularly remove any dirt, leaves or other debris that can build up on the surface of the grass

-Brush the grass on a regular basis to keep the blades upright and looking fresh

-Regularly check the edges of the grass to make sure that they are not starting to lift

-If you have pets, it is also important to regularly clean up any pet mess to prevent bacteria from building up

Move Heavy Furniture

Make sure to move or rotate your furniture, this will help the blades of grass recover from any flattened areas caused by the furniture.

If there are extra heavy items such as paddling pools or hot tubs, it is important that you empty them and move the pool as prolonged weight in the same area could damage the grass blades.

Once the furniture or pools have been moved, brush the grass to help the blades of grass return to normal.

Prevent From Burning

Damaged Artificial Grass

All manufacturers recommend that BBQ are not placed on artificial grass and therefore should be kept at least 3 meters away; this is to make sure that no fat or other liquids fall onto the grass as this could cause the grass to melt and burn.

Cigarettes should also not be smoked on artificial grass as the end could easily melt the grass blades and burn a hole in the grass.

Remove Stains

Things such as ketchup, wine, fizzy drinks and tea or coffee can all stain your grass, it is best to remove them with a grass cleaner or water as soon as possible as when dried, they could leave a stain that will not come up.

If you spill things like paint, sun cream, and nail polish, this can be a bit more tricky to remove however it can still be removed with a small amount of white spirit on a rag, but these would need to be cleaned up immediately.

Apply Sand

Not all grass requires sand as an infill; however, to help the grass blades bounce back, sand infill is a great way to make your artificial grass look better and last longer.

The best type of sand to use is silica sand, as this is a non-toxic product that is also eco-friendly.

by adding silica sand to your artificial grass, it will:

  • Will protect the latex backing
  • Add weight to the grass and stop it from ripping
  • It will increase the fire-resistance
  • It will keep the grass cooler
  • It will improve drainage
  • It will protect the grass fibres and help them bounce back

If you have pets, then the best way to keep the grass clean and odour free are to use a pet absorbent which works to eliminate pet wee and remove the smelly ammonia particles in dog urine; products such as ArtificialGrassDirect ZeoZorb work well, and the best part is once it rains it can reset the absorb more while keeping the smell at bay.


So how long does artificial grass last, it can last for around 10 to 20 years even if manufacturers have a 10-year guarantee providing you maintain your grass by removing stains rotating your furniture and protecting your grass from things such as BBQ.

it is important that you choose the right type of grass for your needs, in high foot traffic areas you would be best to choose a combination of polyethene and nylon however if your garden is for admiring the wildlife then a softer mix of polyethene and polypropylene would be the best option for you.

If you would like realistic artificial grass that looks perfect for a British garden then I have an article for you.

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