How To Install A Washing Machine In Under 10 Minutes

Author: Stuart Hunt - Published: 19.09.20
How To Install A Washing Machine

Installing a washing machine is a fast and straight forward task that will you not take you long, my 8 quick steps guide for how to install a washing machine in under 10 minutes the steps are:

  1. Unplug the washing machine
  2. Switch of the cold-water isolation valve
  3. Disconnect the water and remove the waste pipe
  4. Remove the delivery bolt from the back of the new washing machine
  5. Attached the new cold-water hose
  6. Attach the waste pipe back under the kitchen sink
  7. Turn on the water supply
  8. Levelling the washing machine

Ok after you have carried out the 8 steps, you will need to turn on the washing machine to test the water in and waste out so maybe this should be the 9th steps so it will take around 15 minutes depending on the washing machine

There is a faster way to test the water and waste is ok, and I will show you a quick way to test your washing machine after you have installed it.

A washing machine installation is straightforward as there is very little that can go wrong

The easy way to plumb in a washing machine is to simply disconnect the cold-water hose and removing the waste then reinstating the washing machine by connecting the washing machine hose and waste.

Don't worry; I will go into the steps in a more detailed way to help you install your own washing machine.

Do You Connect A Washing Machine To Hot Or Cold Water?

With modern washing machines having heating elements inside the machine and washes being done at a cooler temperature there is no need to connect a hot water feed to the machine, most washing machines these days not even have an inlet for a hot water feed

The Tools You Will Need To Complete This Task

  • Adjustable Grips
  • Small spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • Washing up the bowl or small bucket

Unplug The Washing Machine

Before turning off and disconnecting the washing machine just open the door and turn the drum to make sure you have not left any clothes inside the machine, then turn off the power to the washing machine.

If the power is behind the washing machine, don't worry about turning off the power just yet as you can do it once you have discounted the water and waste and when you have started to pull the machine out

Switch Off The Cold-Water Isolation Valve

Turn off the cold water isolation valve which should have a blue lever if you find the blue lever is not turning then using a small screwdriver unscrew the blue lever from the valve head and then using a small adjust spanner or grips turn the head manually to the off position across the pipe

If you have an older washing machine – You will have a hot and cold-water supply there you will need to tune off both.

Can't Find the isolation valves - The isolations valve for a washing machine can be located in a couple of different place such as

  • Under the sink kitchen
  • Behind the washing machine
  • In a cupboard next to the washing machine

If you cant, find the isolation valves again don't worry they might be behind the machine.

If you have not found the isolation valves and you start to pull the machine out, do it slowly checking as soon as you can for the isolation valve behind the washing machine.

If the isolation valves are not behind the machine and you pull the machine out to quickly you could snap the inlet hose causing a flood.

Disconnect The Water And Remove The Waste Pipe

Unscrew the washing machine hose from the inlet washing machine valve that you have turned off if you cant move it by hand using a pair of adjustable grip to get it started.

Now you can disconnect the waste pipe

If your waste pipe goes into the trap under your kitchen sink simply just undo the jubilee clip and pull the washing machine waste hose off the trap, this is where you may require washing up bowl as there will be water in the waste hose.

If your washing machine waste goes into an open-ended bit of waste pipe called a standpipe then just pull the waster pipe out of the standpipe again there will be water in the waste pipe so using a washing up bowl drain the water from the hose

Once you have disconnected the water and waste, you can now start to pull the washing machine out of the space

The simplest way to pull out a washing machine is to open the machine door and pull from inside the washing lifting the front of the machine if possible so that the feet don't catch onto the floor

Remove The Delivery Bolt From The Back Of The New Washing Machine

Each washing machine will have delivery bolts this can vary depending on the washing machine you have as some will have three and some will have four delivery bolts

Using a small spanner or box spanner remove the delivery bolts from the back of the washing machine one at a time

Inside the drum of the new washing machine, you will find a small packet inside there you will discover bolt hole covers, just clip them in place once you have removed all the delivery bolts

You don't have to install the covers if you don't want to.

Attached The New Cold-Water Hose

The new washing machine hose you will need to install the new washing machine is often found inside the drum of the machine.

Screw one end of the hose onto the water inlet on the back of the washing machine the water inlet is usually found at the top of the washing machine in one corner

When attaching the water inlet hose to the machine simply tighten by hand and the only pinch tight with a pair of adjustable grips

Never overtighten the washing machine hose as this will damage the hose or even damage the washing machine

Once you have attached the water hose push both the water and drain hose through in the cupboard and start to push the washing machine back into the to space

Attach the other end of the water hole back onto the washing machine valve again only tighten by hand then pinch with adjustable grips

If the hose is connected behind the washing machine before you push the machine back, you will need to connect both the water and waste hose

Attach The Waste Pipe Back Under The Kitchen Sink

Attach the waste pipe back on under the kitchen sink and tighten the jubilee clip

If you have a standpipe – Many washing machines come with a plastic U-shape bend this just pushes onto the waste pipe to help hold the waste pipe into the standpipe

Once you have connected the U-shape bend simply push the waste pipe back into the standpipe

Turn On The Water Supply

Once you have finished all the steps, the just turn on the water supply to the washing machine as you are ready to test the machine

If you have removed the lever from the valve head, you can now put that back onto the valve.

Levelling The Washing Machine

For some washing machines this step is not so important any more as more modern machine have a program that will need to be run before the washing machine will work is to balance and self-level

If your washing machine doesn't have that function, then you will need to level your washing machine yourself.

Once the machine is in the correct position then using a level to see if the machine is level

To level a washing machine, you will need to use a small spanner to loosen the locking nut that will be on the feet then simply turn the rubber foot until you hare level

Test The Washing Machine Water And Waste Is Ok

Most washing machine will allow you to test the machine by pausing the program quickly.

Turn on the power to the washing machine and then select a quicky rinse program

Allow the water to fill into the washing machine until the drum starts to spin; the water level will most likely be about halfway up the door

Then hold the program start button, this will pause the program, turn the dial round to the drain program and restart the washing machine

This will then tell the washing machine to drain so that you can check the waste outlet form leaks

That's is your all done, with how to install a washing machine and I'm sure it didn't take more than 10 minutes

How Much Does It Cost For A Plumber To Install A Washing Machine?

To hire a professional plumber to install a free-standing washing machine will cost between £50 and £100 whereas if the washing machine is integrated then the cost for installation swill be between £80 and £120 With the most expensive areas being London

How Much Do Curry's Charge To Install A Washing Machine

If you purchase a washing machine from Curry's PC world, then you will be looking at a delivery and installation cost of £25 with an added £20 for the removal and recycling of your old washing machine

How Much Do Argos Charge To Install A Washing Machine

If you purchase a washing machine from Argos, then you will be looking at a delivery and installation cost of £45 also includes the removal and recycling of your old washing machine

How Much Do AO Charge To Install A Washing Machine

If you purchase a washing machine from AO, then you will be looking at a delivery and installation cost of £20 with an added £25 for the removal and recycling of your old washing machine

The only problem with companies such as the one above and others is the delivery men are not plumbers so if there is a problem with turning off the water, and they will not install the machine.

If the water will not turn off and the delivery companies will not install the washing machine, you will then need to contact them to get a refund on the installation and pay for a plumber.

As a qualified plumber myself of over 20 years I have encountered this many a time, and the customers were just left with the washing machine that they need to get installed with no help to find a plumber.

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