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How To Change A Toilet Flush Valve For Push-Button Toilets

If you have a push-button toilet, you will have a flush valve inside the toilet cistern they work by lifting the mechanism to allow the water to flow into the toilet pan once the toilet is flushed. How To Change A Toilet Flush Valve For Push-Button Toilets As a plumber myself of over 20 years, […]

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Toilet Not Filling Up? Guide On How To Change A Toilet Fill Valve

If you find that you have a toilet fill valve that is not refilling and therefore you are unable to flush your toilet due to no water inside the toilet cistern, you will need to change the fill valve. There are many different names for a fill valve; however, they all mean the same thing […]

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Simple Step By Step Guide For How To Install An Outside Tap

Outside taps can be a vital part of the home for many reasons, such as watering your garden or even washing your car. This is why I have put together this simple step-by-step guide on how to install an outside tap. The Simple Way For How To Install An Outside Tap As a qualified plumber […]

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