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Is Gypsum Board Drywall? Here’s the Truth!

Before we start comparing what makes gypsum board and drywall both alike and different, it’s essential to know what each of these items is. Builders use a lot of different materials and even more terminology that is uniquely theirs, but once you learn a few essential words and terms, questions such as, is gypsum board […]

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Rough Vs Finish Carpentry: What Are the Main Differences?

If you grew up around contractors, you likely know a lot about what they do and are familiar with the terminology they use about rough vs finish carpentry, but if you have no clue how a house is put together from the ground up, not to worry because this article is here to explain one […]

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Can You Put a Dimmer Switch on Fluorescent Lights?

Dimmer switches can increase the ambiance in any room because they offer ways to change how bright the room is with the flick of a switch. For those of you who are wondering if a dimmer switch can be added to your current lighting system, it is possible for both compact fluorescent light bulbs, or […]

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Our Grant New Homeowners Maintenance Guide

If you’ve just purchased your new home, you already know that the upkeep and maintenance of that home are crucial if you want to enjoy your house and keep it both functional and attractive for many years to come. But if you’re new to homeownership, what does this mean in practical terms? Just how do […]

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What Dishwasher To Buy? The Full Dishwasher Buyers Guide

Choosing a great dishwasher can be a hard decision as it is an investment for you and your home that you want to work on for years to come. Say goodbye to washing up by hand with my full dishwasher buyer guide to help you choose the right one. I know you might say a […]

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What's The Difference Between A Slimline And A Full-Size Dishwasher

By explaining what's the difference between a slimline and a full-size dishwasher will help you choose the right dishwasher for your home and your family. The Difference Between A Slimline And A Full-Size Dishwasher As a general rule, a full-size dishwasher is 60cm (600mm) in width and can hold on average 12 place settings which […]

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Do You Need A Jig To Install Kitchen Worktops

If you are attempting to install your kitchen worktops then there are a few things you need to know such as do you need a jig to install kitchen worktops and do you mitre square edge worktops this guide will help answers all your questions plus guide you to installing your kitchen worktops Do you […]

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Electric Shower Installation Costs

As a plumber of over 20 years, I will use my expertise to guide you through all the different electric shower installation costs, including the prices of plumbers and electricians and the requirements for you to have an electric shower installed. An electric shower installation cost will be between £450 and £650 with the price […]

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Need a Local Plumber? Guide On How To Find A Good Local Plumber

The question gets asked quite a lot, and if you read many different articles on how to find a good local plumber, you will most likely find a similar answer everywhere. The best way to find a good local plumber or any other tradesmen or tradeswoman is to make sure you look into the company […]

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